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Received a Pet Gift From Ninang. What to Consider Before my Pet Comes Home?

The gift-giving season has arrived, and for many children (and adults), a cute, snuggly dog or cat is on the list of what they are wishing for. The key to adding a new pet to your life the right way, is by being prepared — not just on the day you bring your new animal home, but for every day after. A pet is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Below you’ll find what to consider before getting a new dog or cat for the holidays (or any time of the year), and how best to prepare for your new pet!

Is Your Family Ready for a New Pet (family member❣️💯)?

Discuss how a new kitten or puppy will change your family’s life, and how it will affect children, even older children. A pet can change a lot of the family’s day-to-day arrangements, like schedules (walking, feeding, training), sleeping arrangements (who gets to keep the pet in their room), and pet safety precautions. And then you’ll need to make sure that family members can handle the responsibility of litter box duty, potty training, and cleaning up pet messes 😂.

Can You Commit?

Will you have the time to walk your dog three times a day? Will you remember to exercise your cat every evening? If the answer is no, and you have no one who can perform those essential tasks, you should stop right here and ask Ninang for a fish or a parakeet as a low-demand animal companion instead.

Interview Veterinarians Before

Before you have settled on or receiving the pet, ask your friends for their veterinary recommendations. A licensed veterinarian can be an excellent source of information to help you choose the best pet to suit your lifestyle and needs. Put to mind that not all vets are the same, and you want a veterinarian that best matches your needs. This will be a lifelong relationship and as such, the choice is very important. Again, do your research. Read online reviews of the vets in your community (with a grain of salt), as much as possible look for a veterinarian with complete in house laboratory and diagnostic equipments (ie xray, cbc, blood chem, ultrasound) 😉 aheeeem, and ask groomers in your area who they recommend too.

Think about the your Financial capability

Much like a human family member, animals have a lot of costs involved, including but not limited to food, vet visits, toys, collars, grooming supplies, etc.

The holidays are a time when many of our wallets are already stretched thin, so it is very important to take a good look at your financial situation ahead of time and then determine whether now is the right time to get a pet.

Consider Neutering (Click to know moore)

Neutering, a term that can refer to spay or castration surgery, can typically be done as early as eight weeks of age. Generally, the neutering procedure is performed around four to six months, plenty of time before the animal has reached the age of reproduction. Some people choose not to based on the feeling that the animal will lose its sense of identity (male), that the animal will be missing out on the life milestone of giving birth (female), or that the animal will lose its ability to be protective. None of these reasons are based in fact.

The best thing you can do for your pet’s health is to have him or her neutered. Yes, neutering does decrease aggression in most instances, but it does not make a dog any less protective of his or her human family. And your female animal will not feel less-than for not giving birth. It would be worse for her to have her babies taken from her than to have never given birth at all. She will not know the difference. She will also be less prone to cancer of the mammaries and ovaries. Ask your trusted veterinarian for their recommendation.

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