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It’s everything ZAC, in your pocket

Access, Insight, and Convenience

Introducing a FREE mobile pet portal app just for our clients - the “PetCare by Daysmart Vet” mobile app! All your pet’s records, documents, schedules, and doctors are all rolled into an app for easy and convenient collaboration between doctors and pet owners!

The PetCare by Daysmart Vet mobile application brings you all things ZAC in one easy-to-access menu:

  • Book your vet visits

  • Access pet vitals, and medical records (vax certificates, etc), anytime, anywhere.

  • View your pet’s future schedules (Next vaccination, deworming, tick&flea treatments, etc)

To get started, download the app "PetCare by Daysmart" or click the button below, enter the phone number or email that you provided us upon registering at the clinic to get the system to recognize you, and select “Zacarias Animal Clinic” as your veterinarian within the app. It’s that simple!

PetCare by Daysmart Vet app is downloadable by everyone but is currently only working for Zacarias Animal Clinic and our friendly neighbor Northern Vet Animal Clinic.

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